Saturday, January 7, 2012

F is for Foxtrot

I've decided that the only way to go with this military phonetic alphabet is out of order. I do what I want! This just went out today. What better way to portray a foxtrot than with actual foxes, right? Besides, up until 1957, the code for "F" was just "fox." So here's a little throwback to that:
Not sure if the "F" is obvious enough, but maybe the letters could vary more in style and tightness (the "R" was quite a bit tighter). Again, these are really only color sketches to what could become a larger project. Hope you enjoy!

***Also, a minor correction: My apologies. I mentioned in an earlier post that "B" was Beta, when it's actually "Bravo." Incidentally, that would be MUCH more fun to illustrate.

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