Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anchors Aweigh!

Graduating from Pratt was not the only major change in my life for 2012: my boyfriend of five years decided to pursue his dream of becoming a part of the US Navy. While it's a great institution to be a part of, basic training can be bleak, repetitive, and lonely. He tells me in his letters that the two best things that can happen to you are getting mail and getting a cookie at lunch. Obviously, I write him letters (no other contact allowed!), but I am an illustrator, and feel I must step up my game a bit.

I'll sometimes sketch out Navy or military-related drawings that serve a dual purpose of helping him remember things like the military alphabet code, where letters are represented by words. For example, this blog could be called "don't forget the double 'echo.'" Or that the leaf on a lot of the Navy "stuff" is from the Oak...

These drawings are really not what I call "finals," more like ideas to build on for future projects. Here's the first letter from the military alphabet I did. I chose "R," which is "Romeo." (I also chose "R" because it's the first initial of my sailor's name, and because "Alpha," "Beta," and "Charlie," are, for now a challenge I don't want to attack!)

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