Monday, February 6, 2012

The Lake

I've been working on a project very recently that's sort of been in the "idea" phase for quite a few years. Finally, I got the time to pound it out, and, since I never know when I could be suddenly very busy, I seized the opportunity. You may notice this is a slight shift from what I usually do, especially being that there's not a quirky character in sight. There are people in my reference photo, but I wanted this scene to just focus on the lake. I haven't done a larger scale traditional landscape in a while, and my fingers were crossed...
I began with the underdrawing and friskets, and continued to lay down color until I was happy, but it isn't finished yet. Once I do all feel I should do in watercolor, I go in with acrylic paint. Some areas will get pretty dark, and some will just get tighter with glazes. I think it makes the colors look richer in the end. Here is the reference photo I put together from the photos I had taken. For the finish, I've taken some "artistic liberties." Or, to put it more frankly, I DO WHAT I WANT.

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